Sustainability Logbook

The Sustainability Logbook is a new column covering sustainability news, thoughts, and initiatives taken by the 10th Mountain Hut Association.

May 7, 2024

Wildfire Mitigation and the Huts

How the TMDHA continues to adapt to a changing climate and elevated risk   On December 30, 2021, authorities received a call about a small grass fire outside of Superior, Colorado. Less than 12 hours later, the Marshall Fire burned more than 1,000 homes, becoming the state’s most destructive in terms of structures lost. Witnesses […]

Oct 12, 2023

Carbon Offsets

Can I purchase carbon offsets for my upcoming hut trip? At 10th Mtn, we love helping our community organize their upcoming hut trips. From first-timers planning a night out to experienced users embarking on multi-day, multi-hut adventures, we’re always happy to help plan, answer questions, and offer ideas. One topic that we’re increasingly asked about […]

Mar 16, 2023

Update - Winter 23'

March 2023 – An update on 10th Mountain’s Sustainability Initiatives Anyone who has ever booked a hut trip in the early winter season has invariably asked themselves the question: will there be enough snow on the trail to get to the hut? It’s a valid concern. We’re losing a little bit more of winter every […]

Feb 10, 2023

Sustainable Hut Trips

Sustainable Hut Trips Are you organizing an upcoming hut trip and looking for ways to make it as sustainable as possible? Consider some of these options to streamline your packing, conserve resources, and keep your footprint small. Burn less wood. Did you know that the wood stoves in the huts are the most significant contributor to […]

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