Hut Etiquette, Hygiene & Upkeep

Let’s keep the hut experience positive and the huts in great condition! Please share these important practices with your group.


• Respect hut capacities – no extra guests or overflow camping.
• Use of snowmobiles to access huts is strongly discouraged and is prohibited at some huts. Respect all non-motorized areas.
• Be courteous – quiet hours 10pm – 7am.
• Arrival time is 2pm, please depart by 11am. Respect field staff and other hut groups, abide by these times.
• Choose your bed on arrival; store gear on or under your bed.
• Smoking not permitted in huts or outbuildings.
• Outdoor fires allowed during summer only in provided metal fire rings. Respect fire bans.
• Burn firewood judiciously, huts easily over-heat.
• Don’t monopolize kitchen or communal areas.
• Use designated storage, or hang food in cold/inside location. Never leave food outside.
• Respect guests wanting to unplug, use devices discreetly.


• Dogs are not allowed at the huts because of serious health/hygiene issues. (The only exception to this policy is the High Lonesome Hut which is owned/operated privately, requires whole-hut reservations, and provides water from a well, not snowmelt.)
• Don’t urinate in the snow at the hut – use the outhouse.
• Collect clean snow for snowmelt water/keep lid on snowmelt pot & hands out.
• Filter (bring your own) or boil snowmelt & any collected water before drinking.
• Cistern water can be used for dishwashing: wash with hot, soapy water, add ½ cap bleach to rinse.
• Thoroughly clean & disinfect food prep surfaces.
• Use provided hand sanitizer.
• For personal hygiene, bring a personal washcloth/travel towel, disposable wipes, and use the marked personal wash bucket only (available at some huts).
• Spit toothpaste in sink, flush with water.
• Mattresses are provided on sleeping platforms – bring your own sleeping bag and pillowcase.

Upkeep Before Departure

• Sweep & clean kitchen/dining areas.
• Carry out garbage/leftover food.
• Split kindling/restock wood.
• Put cold ashes in metal drum.
• Turn stoves, lights & appropriate solar switches off.
• Close/lock all windows & doors.

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