The Broome Hut

Owned and operated by the Grand Huts Association, the Broome Hut, originally called the Second Creek Hut, in the Second Creek Basin on the west side of Berthoud Pass, Colorado is one of the finest high altitude skiing and hiking locales in Colorado. Ease of access and great skiing make for excellent backcountry recreation opportunities.

Layout and capacity: 2 bunk rooms with 6 beds each and 2 private rooms each of which sleeps 2. Capacity 16.

Additional Amenities: The Broome Hut has some unique amenities which include a pellet stove instead of a woodburning heat stove. It is very easy to operate and has clear instructions posted at the hut. The hut has indoor composting toilets similar to Janet's Cabin and Francie's Cabin. There is also a day-use room at the hut but it is totally separated from the overnight area and they share no amenities. Because of the popularity of the area for day-use you may encounter dogs along the trail and around the hut. But dogs are absolutely not allowed for overnight hut users and are not allowed anywhere inside the Hut.

Hut Location: The Broome hut is located at the top of a steep climb at 11,350' just a mile and half west of Berthoud Pass. [Trailhead Directions] [locator map]

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  • USGS Map: Berthoud Pass Quadrangle
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Dates Open: The Broome Hut is open all year round.

Owned By: Grand Huts Association Oven: None Sauna: No Heat Stove: Pellet

The route to the Broome Hut from the Second Creek Trailhead is approximately 1 mile, but gains almost 800 feet of elevation. Strong backcountry skills are required. Terrain in the vicinity of the Broome Hut is prone to avalanche. The hut is located at treeline and whiteout conditions and/or nightfall can make route finding difficult.

Winter Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Second Creek, Elevation: 10,600' Route: Via ski trail, Total Mileage: 1.0

In the summer you can get to the Broome Hut by hiking along US Forest Service Trail N137. This well-established summer trail leads to the hut and beyond. It is approximately 1 mile from the Second Creek Trailhead to the hut, but the trail does gain almost 800 feet of elevation so be prepared for steep sections.

There are no roads to the Broome Hut. The closest a motorized vehicle can get to this hut is the Second Creek Trailhead.

There is ample hiking in the high alpine terrain around this hut. A hike up to the ridge located to the north of the hut would make for a beautiful day trip. An alternate choice would be to hike up to USFS Trail N13 (Mt. Nystrom) which follows the ridge to the west of the hut. As always, be aware of changing weather conditions and possible severe weather, including lightning events.

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Summer Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Second Creek, Elevation: 10,600' Route: Via US Forest Service Trail N137 Total Mileage: 1.0