Online Lottery Instructions

This guide is to help you through the online lottery process, it includes some examples of
lottery choices.

It is critical that you carefully read the lottery instructions. Booking policies are strictly enforced.


1. Membership Check

Perform the membership check to verify your membership status. If you do have a current membership you will be able to purchase or renew your membership after the membership check. You will need to enter your name and email address and will then receive an email with a code that will allow you to proceed. The membership search is based on your first and last name as well as your email address. All three of these must match in order to find the correct membership status. If the membership search does not return the information you expected, you can try a different email/name combination. This may be especially helpful if you have ever gone by a maiden name or nickname, or if you have multiple email accounts you frequently use. If you have any problems, please call us at 970-925-5775.


2. Personal Information

After you have entered the membership code you will need to enter your personal information or verify the information we have on file.


3. Membership Type

Choose the type of membership you would like to renew or purchase, if applicable, and then hit the proceed button.


4. Terms & Conditions

Agree to all the terms and conditions outlined on the lottery form.


5. Fill Out Lottery Choices

Fill out any Group or Hut Credit information (if applicable) and then fill out your lottery choices. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept file attachments for your lottery choices. But you can copy and paste directly from Word or Excel and retain all formatting.


6. Payment

Enter your payment information. You can use separate cards for your membership purchase and lottery trip. Proceed to the Review Page.


7. Review & Submit

Review your lottery form and hit the final submission button. You will receive an email that has a copy of your lottery submission. Please retain this for your records and contact us immediately if you notice any errors or discrepancies.



Cross Referenced

If you are at all flexible in dates and huts, this cross-referenced approach is strongly recommended to maximize your chances of receiving a trip. In this example, 10th Mountain Staff will first look for 2/25/25 at Peter Estin, then 2/25/25 at Margy’s, etc. If none of the huts listed are available for 2/25/25, then we will repeat for 2/4/25, and so on.


Would like one night, entire hut, any of the following dates or huts. Preference is for date first, then hut.


  1. 2/25/2025
  2. 2/4/2025
  3. 2/18/2025
  4. 2/11/2025


  1. Peter Estin
  2. Margy’s
  3. Uncle Bud’s
  4. Betty Bear
  5. Section House
  6. Jackal

Date / Hut Combinations


  • 2/23 – 4 people at Fowler/Hilliard *
  • 2/24 – 4 people at Jackal* (or the reverse)

Date Specific


12/24 and 12/25 at Eiseman, Skinner, Polar Star or Margy’s We’d like to book out the entire hut. We have 10 adults and 6 children age 12 or under.

Hut Specific


Any Sunday or Monday (one night) in February at Uncle Bud’s, 10th Mountain, or Janet’s *. We’d like to book the entire hut.



We’d like to do the following itinerary with 7 people starting on 12/28, 12/14, or 12/7:

  1. 1 night at McNamara
  2. 2 nights at Margy’s
  3. 1 night off the system (we’ll make a reservation at Diamond J Ranch)
  4. 1 night at Harry Gates


Compare Huts

Select up to four huts to compare.