Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card (CORSAR)

What is the CORSAR card: The CORSAR card replaces what was known as the Colorado Hiking Certificate. Money generated from the sale of these cards (and formally from the hiking certificate) goes to the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, which then provides reimbursement for expenses incurred during search and rescue missions.

Cost: $3.00 for a one year card; $12.00 for five years

Dates valid: The CORSAR card is good for one or five years from the date of purchase. (Also note that valid Colorado hunting, fishing, and OHV licenses include the CORSAR funding mechanism, so if you have such a license you are already contributing a small portion of the cost of your license to the Search and Rescue Fund.)

How to purchase a CORSAR card:

What the State does with the money: In Colorado, county sheriffs are responsible for providing search and rescue services through their office, local volunteer fire departments, and/or local volunteer rescue groups. Revenue from sales of the CORSAR card goes into a fund that is used to reimburse local sheriffs for the costs associated with rescue missions. For example, if a hut user requires search and rescue assistance and is a CORSAR card-holder, the county sheriff’s office that assisted that user can apply for reimbursement for that mission for expenses such as helicopter rental, gas for snowmobiles, ropes/hardware for rescue groups, etc. Any money left in the fund at the end of the year will be distributed to search and rescue groups in the state to use for education programs, training, and equipment. Each one year CORSAR card provides $2.00 contributes for the fund (with the extra $1.00 retained by the vendor to cover their costs), and each five year card provides $9.00 to the fund (with the extra $3.00 retained by the vendor. Other licenses mentioned above contribute $0.25 per license to the fund.

Why 10th Mountain supports the CORSAR program: Several search and rescue groups work in the area where the huts are located. These dedicated volunteers provide a valuable service to all backcountry users. Without sufficient funding, these groups could no longer provide needed assistance. The cost of a card is a marginal expense compared to the cost incurred by these groups when conducting a rescue. 10th Mountain strongly encourages every hut user to purchase a CORSAR card.

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