Can we build an outdoor fire or cookout in the summer?

Jenifer Blomquist

August 7, 2023

Can we build an outdoor fire or cookout in the summer?

Most huts that are open in summer have metal fire pits with grates (except Broome, Continental Divide/Point Breeze, Francie’s, Janet’s, and Emmelyn). Colorado summers can be very dry and the US Forest Service will issue a fire ban when conditions become dangerous. It is your responsibility to find out in advance if there is a ban in effect. Forest Service Ranger District numbers are provided on the summer information sheet sent out with all summer reservations. 10th Mountain will occasionally close the fire pits at the huts. In extreme fire conditions, additional restrictions, such as the closure of the wood-burning stoves inside the huts, may be in place. Please respect any closure signs. The process of buying, delivering, cutting, splitting, and stacking wood is expensive and takes the time of many volunteers. With the help of hut users, the maintenance costs and environmental impacts of cutting and burning firewood can be reduced. Please help us conserve wood!

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