Can I bring my dog on the hut trip?

Jenifer Blomquist

August 7, 2023

Can I bring my dog on the hut trip?

No. Dogs are not permitted on summer or winter hut trips, nor are dogs allowed in the huts or in the area around the hut.* Since you must melt snow for water at most of the huts, dogs present a serious health hazard. In addition, we are very concerned about the problem of dogs harassing wildlife. 10th Mountain and the US Forest Service take this rule very seriously and we ask that hut users help us encourage compliance. Failure to abide by this policy can result in fines of up to $1000. Please notify 10th Mountain if a party brings a dog to any of the huts (other than High Lonesome Hut).

*The only exception to this policy is the High Lonesome Hut which is owned and operated privately, requires whole hut reservations, and provides water from a well, not snowmelt. If your group brings a dog to High Lonesome Hut, please respect the maintenance crew and the next guests by not allowing your dog onto the beds or furniture. We suggest you bring a dog bed if your companion needs a padded refuge. Thank you.

These other Colorado huts and yurts may allow dogs. Be sure to contact them before booking to learn about their current policies:
Blue Lakes Hut (San Juan Huts) 970-626-3033
Bull of the Woods Yurt (SW Nordic Center) 575-758-4761
Burn Hut (San Juan Huts) 970-626-3033
Colorado Trail Friends Yurt (Hinsdale Haute Route) 970-944-2269
Emma Yurt (Leadville Backcountry) 719-486-0092
Grays & Torreys Hut (Owner Operated) 303-807-0420
Jon Wilson Memorial Yurt (Hinsdale Haute Route) 970-944-2269
Last Dollar Hut (San Juan Huts) 970-626-3033
Lost Wonder Hut (Owner Operated)
Marceline Yurt (Leadville Backcountry) 719-486-0092
North Pole Hut (San Juan Huts) 970-626-3033
Opus Hut (Owner Operated) 970-708-0092
Pass Creek Yurt (Wolf Creek Backcountry) 970-731-2486
Pearl Lakes Yurt (CO Parks & Wildlife) 970-879-3922
Phoenix Ride Yurt (Owner Operated) 303-565-6787
Ridgeway Hut (San Juan Huts) 970-626-3033
Snow Survey Cabin (US Forest Service) 307-326-5258
Tundra Hut (Owner Operated) 303-279-4759

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