Are there detailed guidebooks for the huts?

Jenifer Blomquist

August 7, 2023

Are there detailed guidebooks for the huts?

Guidebooks are a great resource for hut users seeking expert advice. Route difficulty, estimations of travel time, along with many helpful hints and suggestions are included.

10th Mountain Hut Guide, 2nd Edition by Warren Ohlrich

10th Mountain sells Warren Ohlrich’s winter guidebook. This paperback guidebook covers most of the 10th Mountain and Summit Huts – although since it’s publication a few huts have been added to the system. It contains route descriptions, maps, photos, trip information, checklists, and more. An Online Guidebook by Lou Dawson

Writer and ski mountaineer Lou Dawson offers online routes and maps for most huts in the 10th Mountain Division Hut System. His online guidebook also covers backcountry skiing guidance for the Elk Mountains, including the Friends’ Hut and the Alfred A. Braun Huts. by Lou Dawson

Another Lou Dawson website, WildSnow covers ski touring gear reviews, tips & tricks, and trip reports.


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