Are snowmobiles allowed to access the huts?

Jenifer Blomquist

August 7, 2023

Are snowmobiles allowed to access the huts?

10th Mountain strongly discourages the use of snowmobiles for hut access. The hut system was created for non-motorized travel and snowmobile use detracts from this unique experience. While most huts are on US Forest Service land which permits diverse recreational uses, each hut is surrounded by a non-motorized envelope prohibiting snowmobiles. Most of these boundaries restrict access around each hut from 1/8 to 1/2 mile, with some huts having larger zones. Snowmobiles are also not allowed in Wilderness Areas or on private land without permission. Depending on motorized support can be risky. Routes may become impassable for snowmobiles in deep, untracked snow, and mechanical failures are possible. Please note that if a single snowmobile track leads to a hut, other snowmobilers may follow it, causing annoyance to hut users long after the original machines have gone. DO NOT USE A SNOWMOBILE TO GET YOURSELF OR YOUR EQUIPMENT TO A HUT. Don’t think you can make it to the hut without motorized support? Consider hiring a guide to carry the heaviest items, opting for a less challenging route, lightening your pack, starting a fitness program, or planning a trip in the future when you are better prepared.

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