Margy's Hut

Built in 1982, Margy's Hut (along with the McNamara Hut) was one of the first two huts in the 10th Mountain system. The building of these two huts represented a major step for the fledgling organization, which had to promise the Forest Service that the huts would be razed if they were not used. Hut construction was funded by Robert McNamara (former secretary of defense) and friends, in memorial to Robert's wife Margy.

Layout and capacity: Margy's Hut is a two-level hut with four distinct sleeping areas. Bunk room that sleeps 4 downstairs along with seating cushions adjacent to heat stove that can accommodate 1-2 people, 1 private room with a double bed plus 10 single beds in a communal sleeping room upstairs. Capacity 16.

Hut Location: Margy's Hut is located on a lightly treed hillside just below timberline at 11,300', about 10 miles northeast of the city of Aspen, Colorado. The hut has beautiful views of the Elk Mountains to the south. [locator map]

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Dates Open: Summer: 1 July through 30 September. Winter: Thanksgiving through 30 April

Owned By: 10th Mountain Division Hut Association Oven: woodburning Sauna: No

The main winter route into Margy's Hut follows FS 103 to the Johnson's Creek Trail. The trail climbs Steeply up Johnson's Creek until it intersects FS 103. The route then follows FS 103 to FS 526 and on to the hut. You can also ski in from the Fryingpan River Valley but this route is seldom traveled and crosses through a wilderness area where we are limited in how we can mark the trail.

Snowmobile Restrictions: The White River National Forest Travel Management Plan is now being implemented and includes snowmobile restrictions in the vicinity around Margy's Hut. If you are planning on using snowmobiles to get to the hut, please review the restrictions (that may include substantial fines) in that area prior to your trip by visiting the WRNF Travel Management Implementation website. On the website you can download a Winter Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUMs). These free maps and other information about motorized restrictions in the area are also available at the following locations:

  • White River National Forest Supervisor's Office, 970-945-2521
    900 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs CO 81602
  • Carbondale Forest Service Office, 970-963-2266
    620 Main St, Carbondale CO 81623
  • Aspen Forest Service Ranger District, 970-925-3445
    806 W Hallam, Aspen CO 81611
The non-motorized boundary now starts about 3/4 mile from the hut, where Forest Service roads 103 and 526 intersect. At this location you will be able to turn your snowmobile around and park, before skiing or snowshoeing to the hut. There may or may not currently be a sign at this location, but restrictions apply regardless of the absence or presence of signs. Please pack accordingly and thanks in advance for your compliance.

Winter Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Lenado, Elevation: 8,640' Route: Via FS 103, Johnson Creek Trail and FS 526 Full Route Description Total Mileage: 6.3
  • Trailhead: Norrie, Elevation: 8,440' Route: F.S. road 504, Trail 1927 to Sawmill Park. Each spring, the Bureau of Reclamation plows roads in the Upper Fryingpan River Drainage to facilitate work on the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project water diversion facilities prior to spring snowmelt. Plowing occurs annually during the months of March or April, depending upon snowpack and work requirements. Hut users accessing Margy's via the Norrie or Granite Lakes trailheads during this time may be affected. For detailed information, including an up-to-date plowing schedule, please contact the U.S. Forest Service Sopris Ranger District at 970-963-2266. This work will not affect hut users accessing Margy's via the Lenado trailhead. Full Route Description Total Mileage: 7.6
  • Trailhead: McNamara Hut Elevation: 10,360' Route: Via Spruce Creek Full Route Description Total Mileage: 8.2

During the summer Margy's can be reached by driving in along FS 103 to the summer closure gate approximately 1/4-1/3 mile from the hut. Alternatively, for a beautiful, secluded hike you can follow the Spruce Creek trail to Sawmill Park and follow the Mt. Yeckel trail into the hut from there. Vehicle access is never guaranteed to any hut at any time.

From Margy's Hut you can hike to the top of Mt. Yeckel for stunning views of the Fryingpan River Valley to the north and the Elk Mountains to the south. There is also an extensive network of Forest Service roads that extend west into Kobey Park that make for some fun mountain biking.

Click here for summer water source information

Summer Trail Access

  • Trailhead: Lenado, Elevation: 8,640' Route: Via Spruce Creek Trail, Total Mileage: 7.3
  • Trailhead: Lenado, Elevation: 8,640' Route: Via FS 103 and FS 526, Total Mileage: 9.5
  • Trailhead: Lenado, Elevation: 8,640' Route: Via FS 103, FS 508 FS 526 Total Mileage: 9.7
  • Trailhead: Rocky Fork Creek Elevation: 7,560' Route: F.S. trail 1931, F.S. trail 1930, F.S. road 528, F.S. road 526 to the hut, Total Mileage: 12.8
  • Trailhead: Norrie, Elevation: 8,440' Route: F.S. road 504, Trail 1927 to Sawmill Park. Total Mileage: 7.6
  • Trailhead: Granite Lakes Elevation: 9,120' Route: Trail 1920, F.S. road 504, Trail 1927 to the hut, Total Mileage: 8.9

Below is a tribute video for the Margy's Hut. This film was produced and directed by Wildwood Films. The film features archive film and interviews that celebrate Margaret McNamara and her life.