Hut Weather Information and Forecasts

Hut Specific Forecasts

This happy camper was prepared for Colorado winter weather and had a fun day despite the storm.

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are known for weather that changes rapidly and is tough to predict. Nonetheless, forecasts have improved and should always be checked before heading into the backcountry. By combining regional forecasts with your own study of airmass trends (see links below), you can get a good idea of what the weather will be a few days in the future.

The main thing to remember is "hope for the best, plan for the worst." During any season you should carry gear that would allow you to survive in the event of a worst case historical scenario. For example, while Colorado's winter temperatures are generally quite moderate, arctic air sometimes intrudes this far south, and we get strings of cold days that can hover below zero. When traveling to the huts, you need gear that will work for such events. It doesn't have to be perfect -- just good enough. For example, if you tend to get cold hands, a pair of backup mittens stowed in your pack can make the difference. Think through your gear list, check the weather before you go, and your encounter with the wild will be manageable and worthwhile.

Use the links above for regional forecasts. To get a sense of trends, explore the weather links below.

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