10th Mountain Division Hut Association Maps

The Google Earth Map below shows huts and suggested winter routes which is useful for trip planning and to get an overall view of the hut system's layout and proximity to major towns and roads.

10th Mountain strongly recommends that you bring a paper map, compass, and altimeter as you travel to the huts. 10th Mountain (of course) recommends that you purchase its offical maps which contain a lot of useful information including routes, distances, trailhead descriptions, and special designations for trails in wilderness areas. Our maps are also printed on waterproof/tearproof paper.

10th Mountain also offers links to free printable maps so that you can produce your own paper maps. These maps are provided with the help of CalTopo, a powerful and easy-to-use mapping website which lets you customize layers, layout and scale of maps you print. CalTopo provides and excellent tutorial on printing maps and other features at Caltopo Tutorials.

Google Maps Planning Map



Printable PDF Winter Maps

Please Note: The pdf maps below are not intended to be full replacements for the 10th Mountain's official paper maps which are available at our Online Store. 10th Mountain's official paper maps contain trailhead driving instructions, numerous waypoint distances, route designations in wilderness (useful because blue diamond trail markers are not used in wilderness areas), and are printed on waterproof/tearproof paper. The pdf maps below are intended to provide enough information to aid navigation from the trailhead to the hut.

Trails are marked intermittently by blue diamonds, except in U.S. Forest Service designated Wilderness Areas where trails are marked by tree blazes or not marked at all. Trailheads are not marked. U.S.F.S. trails and roads are not always maintained and their exact location may vary. These maps are not a substitute for good route-finding skills. These maps are an aid to help finding the routes. These are suggested routes only. Hazards exist in the backcountry, including avalanches. Common sense and good judgement can reduce but not elminate these hazards.

Caltopo has an excellent tutorial on printing that we recommend you read before printing any of these maps. - Caltopo Printing Tutorial