Emergency and Self Rescue

If a member of your group is injured or becomes ill at a hut or along the trail you cannot rely on outside help. Communication of any kind with the outside world, even in an emergency, is not possible from most of the huts. Cell phone reception is spotty and cannot be relied upon. Your group must be prepared and equipped for a bivouac, rescue, evacuation, equipment repair or handling of other misfortunes that may be encountered.

Several members of your party should be trained in first aid. Such training may be obtained by taking the requisite courses for an American Red Cross advanced first aid certification. Contact your local chapter of the Red Cross for details. Hut users who frequently travel in the backcountry should consider training beyond standard first aid. The CU Mountain Medicine Course is a good place to start looking for such training.

The County Sheriff of the county you are in should be contacted in the event of an emergency. Any rescue effort may be slow, if available. See sheriff phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

The State of Colorado may pay the cost of rescuing anyone in possession of a valid Colorado hunting, fishing or hiking license. This same benefit may be obtained with a CORSAR card. Such licenses or the CORSAR card may be purchased at many sporting goods stores and supermarkets. Possession of a license or CORSAR card does not change your responsibility to be prepared to perform a self-rescue. Please remember the CORSAR cards and stickers are not insurance, do not reimburse victims, and do not pay individual medical expenses. The proceeds from card and sticker sales help to ensure that county sheriffs and volunteer search and rescue teams are reimbursed for costs they incur in a search or rescue. Click here for the latest CORSAR details.

County Sheriffs to Contact in Event of Emergency
County Phone Number Huts
Eagle County 970-479-2200

Seipel Hut; Eiseman Hut; Fowler-Hilliard Hut; Harry Gates Hut; Jackal Hut; Peter Estin Hut; Polar Star Inn; Shrine Mountain Inn (Jay’s, Chuck’s & Walter’s Cabins); Vance’s Cabin.

Gunnison County 970-641-8000

Friends' Hut

Lake County 719/486-1249

Sangree M. Froelicher Hut; Skinner Hut; 10th Mountain Division Hut; Uncle Bud’s Hut; Continental Divide & Point Breeze Cabins.

Pitkin County 970-920-5310

Margy’s Hut; Benedict Huts (Fritz’s & Fabi’s); Betty Bear Hut; Braun Huts (Markley, Goodwin-Greene, Barnard, Lindley, Tagert, Green Wilson); McNamara Hut.

Summit County 970-668-8600

Francie’s Cabin; Janet’s Cabin; Ken’s Cabin; Section House; Sisters Cabin.

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