Hike on Rugged Dirt Road to Francie's Cabin from Spruce Creek Trailhead via FS Road 803 (Crystal Creek Road)

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Route Description

Although shorter than the 2.2 mile Spruce Creek Road option, the 1.6 mile Crystal Creek Road to Francie’s Cabin is the steeper route. Make sure you take the trail at the END OF THE PARKING LOT.

Follow FS Road 800 (Spruce Creek Road) as it exits the west side of the parking lot and bear right at the fork onto FS Road 803 (Crystal Creek Road). Continue on Crystal Creek Road for 1.1 miles, where you’ll see a gate on your left. Shortly after, turn right onto the driveway to Francie’s Cabin, and follow it for about 600 feet to the cabin.

Trailhead Directions

Drive about 2.5 miles south of Breckenridge on Highway 9 and turn right onto Spruce Creek Road. It’s a sharp right that immediately banks upward. Opposite the turn is a lake. You’ve gone too far if you pass the lake and see residential lots on Highway 9.

Follow Spruce Creek Road through the Crown subdivision, bearing left at major intersections (Golden Nugget and Crown Drive). You should still be on Spruce Creek Road. Continue on Spruce Creek Road until you reach a parking lot at the end of the road.


The Spruce Creek Trailhead parking area is marked with several Forest Service signs, one saying “Spruce Creek Portal.” Please be sure to post the appropriate parking permit on your dashboard or you may be towed. Make extra copies of the parking permit if your group requires more than one vehicle. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle when parked at trailheads. Summit Huts is not responsible for theft or vandalism to vehicles.