Hut to Hut/Jackal Hut to Fowler-Hilliard Hut

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Route Description

HUT TO HUT distances are usually longer than from trailhead to hut. Use winter specific topographic maps. Routes between huts are not often used so may not be tracked; navigation and breaking trail may be particularly challenging.

From the front steps of Jackal Hut, traverse NE several hundred feet to the ridge crest. Descend the ridge E for 3/4 mile to the distinct 11,420-foot saddle. Drop down the north side of the saddle into Pearl Creek. You can make turns for a few hundred vertical feet, but make sure you’re on the 10th Mountain marked trail when the willows begin at 11,000 feet, otherwise you’ll “wander in the willows.” Intersect Pearl Creek at 10,560 feet and cross to the north side of the creek. Descend the Pearl Creek drainage to Resolution Road in the Resolution Creek drainage. Take a right and head up Resolution Creek Road to 9,960 feet.

Leave the Resolution Road here and take a left (NW) onto a marked 10th Mountain trail. The blue diamonds take you up 980 vertical feet to a 10,940-foot saddle on the southwest ridge of Resolution Mountain. Most of this trail follows a distinct trail-cut through forest. In the occasional clearing take the time to zero in on the route with your map. Climb the southwest ridge of Resolution Mountain 3/4 mile to 11,400 feet (you’ll pass the intersection of route 9.1 at 11,300 feet). Next, take a 3/4-mile climbing traverse NE then N across the west face of Resolution Mountain, ending at 11,700-foot Resolution Saddle on the northwest ridge of Resolution Mountain. Ski down E from the saddle and cut a short traverse that leads you to a distinct east/west cleft called Resolution Narrows. Continue E down Resolution Narrows to the Fowler/Hilliard Hut in a clearing at 11,500 feet. In clear weather the hut is visible from Resolution Saddle. For “bonus turns” consider ascending Resolution Mountain, then cutting turns down to the hut.

Locations of Observed or Reported Avalanche Activity: No avalanche activity has been reported along this suggested route.