Lindley Hut from Ashcroft Trailhead

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Route Description

Warning: The Alfred A. Braun Huts and Friends' Hut are located in areas of serious avalanche terrain with recurring avalanche cycles. Routes to and between the huts are not marked or maintained.

A note on Braun and Friends’ Route Descriptions: These descriptions are overviews and general in nature and intended for trip planning purposes. They generally describe the frequently used routes from the trailhead and not such routes between the huts, which may or may not overlap these routes. These descriptions are no replacement for the use of proper mountain navigation tools and skills, such as maps, GPS devices, compasses and the like. Navigation in poor weather or darkness has added challenges. These frequently used routes have been developed over the years by users. Given the mountainous terrain and severe avalanche hazard, all such routes are subject to objective hazards that cannot be avoided. The route selections to access the huts are generally limited by terrain. There can be user choices within such routes that may reduce but not eliminate such hazards.

The Lindley hut is most frequently accessed from the Ashcroft trailhead (9,500’). Parking for hut users is in the lower lot on the East side of the road. From the trailhead this route follows the Castle Creek Road South and passes the Pine Creek Cookhouse after 1 1/2 miles. Past the Cookhouse this route is exposed to serious backcountry avalanche terrain. From here the route can either continue to follow the Castle Creek Road or it can take the Hunley nordic trail on the Eastern side of the valley. These alternative routes merge and the route then follows the Cooper Basin Road across Castle Creek and up Cooper Creek to 10,500’ where the hut access road drops a few hundred yards South to the Hut. Note: The route to the Lindley travels through the Ashcroft Ski Touring nordic center. AST kindly allows hut users to use the Hunley nordic trail if they wish to travel on the East side of the Valley. Please do not use any of the other nordic trails. Routes to and between the huts are not marked or maintained.

Trailhead Directions

Travel Highway 82 upvalley from Glenwood Springs or downvalley from Aspen to a large roundabout approximately 1 mile outside of Aspen. Follow the obvious signs for Castle Creek Road and Ashcroft. Follow Castle Creek Road approximately 11 miles to the dead end winter closure at Ashcroft.


The overnight parking area for the Braun and Friends’ Huts at the Ashcroft Trailhead is located on the east side of Castle Creek Road. Please do not park in the Toklat parking lot, which is located on the west side of Castle Creek Road. Your car may be towed. Do not leave valuables in your car at the trailhead. Unfortunately, cars have been broken into and vandalized in the past. Please park head in, in the designated areas. At times the parking area may be roped off for plowing. Note: There are NO public toilet facilities at the Toklat Gallery; however, there is a public Forest Service toilet in the parking lot for the ghost town of Ashcroft, just south of the overnight parking area.