Guidelines for Horse and Pack Animals

10th Mountain welcomes horseback riders and the use of pack animals. In the interest of keeping the areas around the huts as pristine as possible, we ask that you read this information carefully.

  • Since the hut system was originally designed with backcountry skiers in mind, some huts and routes are more appropriate for use with animals than others. Some huts have corrals and water sources nearby, while others do not. If you are unfamiliar with the area, please contact the reservations office at (970) 925-5775 for details, and read the attached information about which huts are best for animals.
  • In order to preserve delicate high alpine vegetation, it is imperative that you create a staging area for arrival and departure at least 100 yards away from the hut and then carry your packs and necessary gear over to the hut.
  • At huts that do not have corrals, we ask that you use a highline, tied from tree to tree, and then individually picket your stock to the highline.
  • At no time should an animal be tied to a hut railing. We have seen accidents occur and railings torn up when this suggestion has not been followed.
  • Most huts have water nearby. Walk or ride your stock to available water morning and evening.
  • Supplemental food, such as grain or pellets, is strongly recommended.
  • Do not haul hay into the National Forest without obtaining a “weed certified free” permit. Because even this weed-free hay can pose a potential seed problem, 10th Mountain encourages hut users to limit hay use.
  • Please be considerate of other users that you are sharing the hut with, as well as users that will visit the hut after your departure. Low impact practices should be followed and every effort should be made to “leave no trace” of your stock. For more information on low impact backcountry horse and pack animal use, please contact the Leave No Trace program. LNT publishes a booklet entitled “Backcountry Horse Use” that is available through their online store.
  • Remember, dogs are never allowed on hut trips.

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