Red Sandstone Creek TH to Eiseman Hut

A long and relatively low-angled tour up snow covered and often snowmobile-packed roads, this is a good trip for light skis and nordic wax. Start at the Red Sandstone Creek Trailhead. Ski up the well defined Red Sandstone Road (parallels Red Sandstone Creek). At about 3 miles (depending on exact parking) you'll encounter your first major intersection (9,325 feet). Continue N here rather than heading left. Another 1 1/3 mile of obvious snow-covered road leads you to another intersection (9,704 feet). Take the right fork here, and ski a road that takes you ½ mile N, then swings E and follows a long traverse through a logging area, eventually delivering you to the head of a timbered valley (10,520 feet) just under the Eiseman Hut.

With the hut 660 vertical feet above you, a quick way there is to slap on your climbing skins, climb 1/4 mile SE to a saddle, then swing E from the saddle and climb a short distance to the hut. This direct route is not marked with blue diamonds. With nordic wax, continue up the road N from the 10,520 foot elevation, and take several low angled switch backs to the hut. This latter option is the marked route. The hut is not visible from below.

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