French Gulch TH to Sister's Cabin

From the Sister’s Cabin parking lot take a right and head downhill approximately 20yds to French Gulch Road. Turn left onto French Gulch Road and proceed through the gate. Once through the gate veer right and downhill onto Sallie Barber Road. In approximately 100yd Sallie Barber Road turns right and crosses French Creek. Once across the creek follow Sallie Barber Road for 1.2 miles until you come to the Sallie Barber Mine.

Turn left at the mine and follow the blue diamonds up a short steep climb into the woods. The underlying summer mountain bike trail is called “Nightmare on Baldy” and may be visible on sign posts depending on snow levels. The trail starts out on an initial steep incline for approx. 100 yards then takes a sharp right onto more gentle singletrack. This right turn is well marked with a blue diamond and blue arrow. Follow the marked trail for 1.3 miles until the trail crosses an old double track mine road, (the underlying mountain bike trail is called “True Romance”). Cross this old road and continue up on the marked trail (still “Nightmare on Baldy”, also called Upper Nightmare) for approx. 0.7 mile till you come to the next intersection with a wide double-track atv trail. Take a left at this intersection onto the atv trail and follow it for 0.8 miles until you reach Sisters Cabin.

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