Burro TH to Francies Cabin

If your pleasure is in the journey, enjoy this fairly long trail up to Francie's Cabin. From Breckenridge and Burro Trailhead follow the obvious Burro Trail south 3 1/8 miles to intersection with Crystal Creek jeep trail. For a nice steep climb (use climbing skins) follow the Crystal Creek trail 1 mile westerly to Francie's cabin (as described above). Burro trail may have a few markers, but don't count on them. Map checks and perhaps some GPS work are your best bets for staying on track, as well as the fact that much of the trail follows obvious cuts through forest.

For a more relaxed climbing angle, at Crystal Creek jeep trail continue southerly on Burro Trail about 350 feet and gain the Spruce Creek Road. Follow the road a mile to its signed intersection with Wheeler Trail. Here, take an obvious roadcut that climbs to the right off Spruce Creek Road and follow the wide roadbed as it swings northerly into the Crystal Creek drainage, crosses Crystal Creek, and makes a short climb to the cabin.

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