Yeoman Park TH to Peter Estin Hut

From the Yeoman Park Trailhead at the campground ski (or walk depending on snow cover) N back across the bridge over East Brush Creek, then turn right (E) onto the East Brush Creek Road. The first part of this route uses the snow-covered East Brush Creek (Eagle) Road for 1 1/2 miles to road's end at Fulford Cave Campground. As you ski up the road, you'll pass two left turns onto other 10th Mountain suggested trails: the Fulford Road at just under 1/2 mile and the Newcomer Spring Trail after another 3/4 mile at 9,280 feet. Be sure not to turn onto these trails.

At Fulford Cave Campground swing around the east end of a small lake, then angle back W for a few hundred feet to a distinct trail-cut that heads through private property. Stay on the trail as it leads past several buildings and begins to climb—and climb. The switchbacks start at 9,560 feet, and they keep you breathing hard to the Ironedge Saddle at 10,820 feet. Take care at Ironedge Saddle to identify the marked 10th Mountain suggested route that leads SE then S up through timber to the Peter Estin Hut. If you get confused here you could easily end up skiing on the Hat Creek Road up to Hat Creek Saddle. If this happens, just ski E to the hut from Hat Creek Saddle. To prevent confusion, use your compass at Ironedge Saddle.

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