Uncle Bud's Hut to Skinner Hut

Ski SW and W from Uncle Bud's Hut a short distance down into the clearing in the drainage (Bud's Gulch) west of the hut. Cross to the west side of the clearing and locate the obvious Forest Service "double post" trailhead sign (11,240 feet); this marks the Main Range/Colorado Trail. Ski W out of Bud's Gulch on the Main Range/Colorado Trail. It takes a short climb up over a timbered rib, then traverses 1/4 mile to the top of a clearing at 11,240 feet. Ski downhill a short distance, then ski between north and south Galena Lakes. Continue W then SW to pass the south edge of a small lake and climb via several switchbacks to timberline (11,400 feet) on the south ridge of Galena Mountain.

From timberline descend an open slope W and SW and take care to find the trail as it enters the trees. Descend this trail 2 miles through forest to 10,040 feet in the Lake Fork drainage. Here you join the Glacier Creek trail that climbs to the Skinner Hut from the Turquoise Lake Road. It's very important to find this trail, since it follows the only feasible route to the hut. See our Skinner Hut page for the remainder of the route up Glacier Creek to the Skinner Hut.

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