Ski Cooper TH to Sangree Froelicher Hut

Travel to the Ski Cooper trailhead. Walk a few hundred feet from trailhead parking to the Cooper Hill Nordic Center, which is located on the southwest edge of the large base area parking lot. You start the route on one of the designated nordic trails, so obtain a trail map at the Nordic Center in case you get confused while navigating. From the Nordic Center, ski the Cooper Loop trail southeasterly. Soon you'll be on a well defined summer road. Note signs for Tennessee Pass Cookhouse at 1 1/4 mile from start, but stay on road . Take care just after Cookhouse to NOT swing southwest, but rather stay on summer road as it continues SE then swings E as a shelf road above East Tennessee Creek. Continue east to cross creek over culvert at 10,750'.

Just past culvert, continue east and north at two road intersections as you continue to climb through timber on a summer road that parallels the right side of the creek. At 3/4 mile from the culvert you'll break into a clearing where you leave the road and make a critical swing southeast. Slightly more aggressive climbing begins here as you head up through forest for a few hundred feet than break into a large logged area. Take the fall line up the logged area. Near the top of the logged area ski a short traverse east and enter a tongue of trees at 11,530' and continue easterly through light timber for a short distance to another open area. Climb the right side of the open area to High Mountain Saddle, 11,645', and turn left (east) to enter the timber again. Climb east up through light timber for a few hundred yards to timberline on the end of a ridge.

Now your alpine tour begins. Looking southeast you're facing a large basin. Take a climbing contour into the head of the basin, eventually reaching a point just below the highpoint of the saddle at the east crest of the basin. Take a definitive swing south here and follow a mostly level route 1/4 mile to Sangree Saddle (12,070'). Drop from Sangree Saddle 1/2 mile south and southeast to Sangree Hut.

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