Redcliff TH to Fowler/Hilliard Hut

Begin at the Red Cliff Trailhead. Ski up the distinct snow-covered Shrine Pass Road 2 1/2 miles to 9,000 feet. You can wax to here, but put on your skins for the climb ahead. Leave the Shrine Pass Road and turn right (S) on the well-marked and heavily traveled Wearyman Creek Road. Ski up the Wearyman Creek Road 3/4 mile to 9,280 feet. Leave the Wearyman Creek drainage here and take a hard right on a westerly climbing traverse on the Hornsilver Mountain jeep trail. This turn is fairly obvious, but take care with your map reading.

Now the real push begins. Stay on the marked 10th Mountain suggested route as it winds through timber, climbing 2 1/2 miles SW to where you intersect the west ridge of Hornsilver Mountain at 11,200 feet near timberline. From here climb the ridge E to the summit of Hornsilver Mountain, then stick to the crest of Hornsilver Ridge as you ski 1 mile SE over one small bump to a major saddle at 11,450 feet. Stay on the ridge and continue climbing SE towards the summit of Resolution Mountain. After 1/2 mile and 242 feet of climbing, you'll reach another smaller saddle at 11,700 feet (Resolution Saddle), a short distance below the summit of Resolution Mountain.

Leave the ridge here by skiing from the north side of the saddle on a short traverse E that leads you to a distinct east/west cleft (Resolution Narrows) that leads downhill E to the hut. Take care to not ski N downhill from the saddle—if you do this you'll miss Resolution Narrows and have to camp in Wearyman Creek. Ski E down Resolution Narrows to the Fowler/Hilliard Hut in a clearing at 11,500 feet. The hut is visible from Resolution Saddle and from the east slopes of Resolution Mountain. To get some "bonus turns" experts should consider ascending Resolution Mountain from the southwest ridge, then cutting turns down to the hut.

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