Polar Star Inn to Peter Estin Hut

Since the routes from the Polar Star Inn to Peter Estin Hut pass through or close to the Yeoman Park Trailhead, they are detailed in other route descriptions. To travel from the Peter Estin Hut to the Polar Star Inn you can pick from several routes down into the East Brush Creek drainage, and several that climb out of the drainage, then head N to the Inn. The most direct route down from the Peter Estin Hut is the Ironedge Trail Skiers with minimal downhill skills should consider using Hat Creek Hat Creek adds about 4 miles to the trip. You have two choices for the climb up from East Brush Creek to the Polar Star Inn. If you're coming from Hat Creek, use the Fulford Road route. If you skied the Ironedge Trail, ascend the Newcomer Spring route.

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