Newcomer Spring Trail to Polar Star

From parking at Yeoman Park Trailhead follow East Brush Creek Road up the east side of the creek. Do not take Hat Creek Road which passes through the Yeoman Campground. Follow the obvious road-cut up the valley for just under 1/2 mile and continue straight toward Fulford Cave (do not take the hard left towards the town of Fulford). Continue another 3/4 mile to 9,280 feet. At this point look carefully to your left for a 10th Mountain marked trail which leaves the road. Turn left onto the trail and follow it as it climbs a few hundred feet E (paralleling the road below), then switchbacks left (NW).

Stay on the trail as it makes a climbing traverse to 9,520 feet, switchbacks right, and climbs to 10,000 feet. The trail eases off here, gradually climbs N, makes a long contour around a shoulder, then drops a short distance to Nolan Creek at 10,180 feet. Cross Nolan Creek, then follow the trail N as it winds 3/4 mile to Upper Town (10,060 feet), where you take a right (N) turn onto the 10th Mountain marked route. See the Fulford Road route described above for the remainder of the route from Upper Town to the Polar Star Inn.

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