Pando TH to Fowler/Hilliard Hut - McCallister Gulch

Begin at the Pando Trailhead. Ski E to the Eagle River and find a snow bridge to cross. Depending on snow levels you may have to ski N a bit to find a solid bridge. Then ski 1/4 mile E and NE across Camp Hale. You'll intersect a snow-covered north/south road at the base of the mountain. Turn left (N) and ski 1/2 mile to a right turn (NE) onto the McAllister Gulch jeep trail. This is where you leave the valley (put your skins on). Follow the road as it makes a climbing traverse N, then swings NE into McAllister Gulch. At about 9,400 feet you'll encounter private property signs. These designate property on the northwest side of the road—skiers should stay on the road.

Put your head down and work a long 2 mile climb to the head of McAllister Gulch. At 10,440 feet take a right turn SE and continue slugging it out to 11,300 feet on the southwest ridge of Resolution Mountain (intersection with route 9.2). Climb the ridge crest for a short distance to 11,400 feet. Next, take a 3/4-mile climbing traverse NE then N across the west face of Resolution Mountain, ending at the 11,700-foot saddle (Resolution Saddle) on the northwest ridge. On a clear day you can see the hut from here—a welcome sight after all the work. Ski down E from the saddle and cut a short traverse that leads you to a distinct east/west cleft called the Resolution Narrows. Take care to not ski N downhill from the saddle. Continue E down Resolution Narrows to the Fowler/Hilliard Hut in a clearing at 11,500 feet. For "bonus turns," experts should consider ascending Resolution Mountain from the southwest ridge, then cutting turns down to the hut.

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