Margy's Hut to McNamara Hut

From the east side of Margy's Hut, climb NE up a short hill and follow the marked (tree blazes) 10th Mountain suggested route as it makes a long traverse into Sawmill Park. Expert parties have reported skiing directly SE from the hut down into the Spruce Creek drainage, but they encountered difficult timber towards the bottom. All but the most expert skiers should stick to the trail. When you enter Sawmill Park, turn immediately right (W) and begin your descent SW down Spruce Creek on a 10th Mountain suggested route with standard tree-blaze markings. This section of trail is relatively straightforward. Ski 3 miles down Spruce Creek to the intersection with the Woody Creek Trail (9,440 feet). Take care to identify this junction. Turn left (E) onto the Woody Creek Trail (still marked by blazes) and follow the north side of Woody Creek 1 mile to 9,900 feet. Cross Woody Creek. Due to the well-maintained and marked 10th Mountain suggested route from here to the McNamara Hut, orienteering is easier above this point, but skiers addicted to blue diamonds will still have to squint as they look for tree blazes since this is in legal wilderness. After crossing Woody Creek, stay on the trail as it makes a switchback to the W, climbing up the south side of the Woody Creek drainage. Follow the switchback 1/2 mile W into a shallow gulch, then turn S and continue on the marked trail as it climbs the gulch to 10,240 feet. Here the trail turns and begins a westerly, gradually climbing traverse 2 miles to the McNamara Hut. The hut is visible from several hundred yards away.

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