Hunter Creek TH to Benedict Huts

Start at the Hunter Creek Trailhead, (or for a simple albeit longer walk start at the the Smuggler Road at the east side of Aspen town). If going from Hunter Creek, follow the well used trail over the Benedict Footbridge and up the south side of Hunter Creek. After 1/2 mile, at 8,600 feet, leave the valley by climbing SE up a well marked trail that eventually climbs westerly up the mountainside. Beware of mine shafts in this area. You’ll intersect the Smuggler Mountain Warren Lakes Road at 9,200 feet. Follow the road for a long 2 1/2 mile wander through forest to an elongated open area (10,600 feet). Turn left off the road here and continue southeast for 1/2 mile up onto a small timbered ridge.

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