Crane Park TH to 10th Mountain Divison Hut

Beginning at the trailhead, travel approximately .3 miles west up the road to a fork in the road where the suggested route begins and goes towards the creek. Cross the creek and follow the trail along the north side of the creek for an east ascent of just under a mile to a well marked intersection with the trail coming in from Tennessee Pass. Turn left (SE) towards the 10th Mountain Division Hut. After another short climb and a some curves you'll intersect Wurtz Ditch Road again. Continue straight on the Colorado Trail.

Continue as the suggested route takes you on a west and northwest route leading up the North Fork of West Tennessee Creek 1 mile to pass just north of Lily Lake (10,589 feet). Swing right (N) as you pass Lily Lake, cross the creek and a marshy area, then climb N for 1/2 mile to a low-angled clearing. From here the route climbs NW for 1 1/4 miles along the south side of the south fork of Slide Creek through a series of clearings until it reaches the south end of a large flat marshy area just below and to the south of the hut. The trail to this point can be confusing because of myriad snowmobile and ski tracks. In general, it follows the south Slide Creek drainage, but winds around enough to make "drainage tracking" hard. Your best insurance is to take great care near Lily Lake to identify the distinct cone of Homestake Peak. Using this as a landmark, pay attention to your map, compass, and altimeter to stick to the trail. The suggested route has blue diamonds, but don't depend on them for navigation.

You can see the hut from the south side of the last low-angled marshy clearing—it's perched on a low-angled hillside on the north side of the clearing. With poor visibility this could be a confusing area, so take care.

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