Second Creek Trailhead
ELEVATION: 10,600 feet
USGS MAP: Hayden Peak

From the I-70 Winter Park exit (exit # 232) travel approximately 17.8 miles north on US Highway 40 over Berthoud Pass to the Second Creek Trailhead which is located at a horseshoe bend at mile marker 240. From Winter Park, travel approximately 10 miles south on US Highway 40 to the trailhead. The trailhead is also identified by a bright orange backcountry ski warning sign. Note that restrooms are not available at this trailhead but are available at the summit of Berthoud Pass. Note that although the distance from this trailhead to the Broome Hut is only 1 mile, the trail does gain almost 800 feet of elevation to the Broome Hut and does require strong backcountry skills. The hut is located at treeline and whiteout conditions and/or nightfall can make routefinding difficult.

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